Comprehensive Packages

A comprehensive package allows Amanda to get an overall impression and customize a package to serve your individual needs. This includes an evaluation and one-on-one analysis of your body and where you hold specific memories or events. This includes a comprehensive, integrative personal program of mind / body / spirit to address your unique needs and goals.  

A package allows us space to work together over time so that you have sustained support as you move toward your goals. Amanda will gain a deeper understanding of who you are in a larger context, and will customize work to support you on all levels of behavior change. 

Sessions are 75 minutes in length

Individual session - $150
3 session package -  $400 (each session will be $130)
6 session package -  $700 (each session will be $116)

Other services available:  

I also provide spiritual counseling, advisement, and mentoring.  I teach people how to become more intuitive and source their inner wisdom, and also offer guidance on creating your own sacred space – be it within your practice, your home or your work setting.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length

Individual session - $125
6 session package (or more) -
$660 (each session will be $110)